Compliance Management

Empliance is a leading  provider of compliance management solutions which assists its clients comply with stringent statutory & regulatory norms which might flag them as non-compliant.

Through a combination of in depth subject expertise, in house research capabilities and technological tools, Empliance innovates and helps implement compliance processes, policies & procedures that are designed to assist clients in clear decision making and alert them on instances of non-compliance.


  • Screening & Due Diligence
  • Red flag/Indicator Search
  • Review of Public Domain Database
  • Reputational Risk Overview
  • Compliance acts based screening
  • 360 degree overview of third parties & customers

Due Diligence Report

At the onset of increase in fraud and non-compliant businesses there has been a rise to a complex vicious cycle of entities resulting in Corporates to deal with non-compliant business.

We provide ongoing Monitoring and Corporate Compliance Management for today’s complex supply chain driven businesses to help protect them from business, legal & reputational risk.

We use blend of information from public domain and subscribed data source to help assure all critical key compliance factors are reviewed and analyzed and our innovative compliance risk score evaluation smoothens the business decisions making process.


  • Identify/verify corporate registration from public domain database.
  • Third party against court litigations checks, PEP’s (politically exposed, person ) and watch lists,  relatively accurate than pure automated solution
  • Screening as per FCPA, UK Anti-Bribery, Anti- Money Laundering norms along with local corruption & bribery laws.
  • Red Flag Screening with comprehensive search and analysis of online and print media in over 20 local languages. Review of public record databases and available (online and on-site) public records, courts and regulatory agencies.
  • Screening of public domain data and paid subscribed data for accurate overview of third parties and key managerial person involved in the business.
  • Expanded litigation research and on-site retrieval of physical documents for in-depth review and analysis of litigation pertaining to all entities, as well as individuals’ corporate affiliations. (Ad-hoc Service)
  • Reputational review for high risk clients and third parties to help focus attention in the right places.


Growing Global regulations and comprehensive compliance requirement requires ongoing compliance monitoring of customers, suppliers, distributors and other third party networks.

Empliance monitors key compliances, practiced by their business partners and provides updates of non-compliant businesses and individual on a monthly/quarterly/semi-annual basis adhering to statutory, regulatory and legal compliance principles.

This enables our clients to spot reputational risk in their portfolio quickly and mitigate risk that are threatening the business equity.


  • Real time screening of compliance for all third parties
  • Risk based approach towards managing your third parties
  • Track as per risk score and update priorities.
  • Real-time facilitation of decision-making with cloud based platform.
  • Experienced research analyst understanding your area of compliance risk
  • Create customized questionnaire  and review analyzed response via dashboard
  • Effortlessly submit large and customized request to our experts

Self Compliance Development

Growing third party complex networks make large organizations more evident to protect their reputation and equity from supply chain relationships.

Entities in India which are proprietors, partners and private limited entities, lacks critical compliance practices such as Policies, Standard operating procedure, Statutory filings, Adequate right information, Resource & training which results in negative indicators during their assessment by their customers

Empliance understands this need for compliance assessment and thus provide unique solutions to third parties to protect their business interest from local and international legislations and helps entities gain confidence.


  • Dedicated Experienced Compliance Consultant understanding your area of compliance risk and ensure improvising in the right way
  • Mitigation via establishing policies and process helping you focus on your core business
  • Compliance Certification post completion to ascertain pathway for better compliance driven culture
  • Ongoing update of self compliance to gauge level of compliance followed every year

Compliance Data Management

Data plays an important role in today’s complex supply chain cycle. Data collected from vendors, suppliers & customers should be evaluated to ensure they meet your internal requirement and are externally compliant.

Data collected during empanelment or assessment gives you a 360 degree perspective which helps companies to verify the compliance risk parameters, KYC perspective and such others which are needed before the third party empanelment to mitigate reputation and business risks.

Empliance works as an extension to your internal team which helps them to get their data specific requirement met without adding additional teams or developing internal capabilities.


  • Risk based approach towards managing your third party data
  • Information collected via RFI, RFP and Registration forms would be verified from public domain sources.
  • Collected data been plugged into client system post verification through KYC, AML, FCPA, UK-Anti-Bribery norms.
  • Regulatory records, litigation research, identification of professional affiliations and assessment of professional licenses.
  • Adverse media and internet research in English and in Indian local language.
  • Additional insight and analysis into the company and/or the individual’s history, reputation, and personal and professional background